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Doing a little dance!

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I've got 6 of my 7 layers I'd, and only one more chicken is due to start laying! 6 of them have laid TODAY! Usually only 1-2 of them are consistent and I've been averaging 3 eggs a day, but I got a new layer yesterday and another one started today, so it's 6 for me! So egg-cited!

C- Barred Rock, started 10/2
JP- Barred Rock, started 9/23
J- Jailbreaker, started 9/10
M- Easter Egger, started 9/29
Cm- Easter Egger, started 9/30
H- Buff Op, started 9/24

Only missing one more Easter Egger and an Australorp.

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So exciting!!!! Those are pretty eggs! ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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I'm loving how different they all are :) Some are a little close in color, but at least they vary by shape, so I can still tell them apart.

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