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Congratulations!! oooh I wish I had some Buff Orpingtons!!♡♡♡♡ They didn't have any females for my hatch date which is April 11th. I pre-Ordered in January. This year's chicks I ordered are 7 Female Barred Rock chicks, 1 free production layer Suprise breed, and 1 Female Golden Cuckoo Maran. That's a total of 9. I have Silkie females at home. They are about 3 to 3 1/2 years old. Such sweet girls! Please post pictures of your cutie pies when they get here! can't wait to see them!

Hello just to give you a quick update. I finally got the chicks I wanted. I originally bought 8 English Buff Orpingtons which were from Green Fire lines and Marc Scare lines. I was very please with the seller who shipped the birds. They were very healthy and he was nice enough to ship an extra one, so I got nine in total which is very cool. They were shipped when they were a week old. They are doing so well and are continuing to thrive. I love them so much. I have two males, and the rest are females. I can't say enough about how the chicks were properly shipped. I will take a photo of them soon and post it. 

That is so awesome I half a mix cochin and silkie hen which I have two in my flock. They look very identical. I have some pure cochin bantams and the rest are mixed with cochin bantams and Amercuana bantams (hoped i got close to spelling the right lol). Barred rocks are awesome. Great coloring and fabulous layers. Good luck with your birds! Thanks for giving me the site. I also got five American Buff Orpingtons from the nearest feed store they were ordered from Privett hatchery. They are all pullets because that's how I bought them. I am so eager to breed them with the English Buff and see what I get. 

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I have recieved many shipments from GFF. Most of the time I have 95 to 100% survival rate from them. I have had a few that seem to be a weaker breed in general in the beginning... Like niederrheiner sand loose them in a few days. I have had a chick with his head stuck in the grow gel DOA and a few chicks that had grow gel on them that passed in a few days. I love GFF and josette. The grow gel can cause losses IMO but i have not tried it without the grow gel. GFF has always taken care of me as a customer no matter the price I pay. Also I mostly end up with pullets. Must be some good luck. It's to the point I had to order more just to try for more males.
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I don't understand all that grogel in the box pictured. I got an order of dorkings this year  There always seems to be a percentage of chicks will overeat grogel to the point of death. And others eat in moderation. That few a chicks pictured and that much grogel. I see that as the problem.


After using grogel over 5 times now, I'm tired of the last loss in long awaited dorkings. I lost 15 out of 50. So in a small group the number would be?


No more grogel for me. Especially if I decide to pay Greenfire prices.

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All of my Greenfire chicks are doing great on day 2. I am writing because I received 3 small grow gel cups, that were crisscrossed with tape to provide small holes for them to drink from. None were stained. Now Greenfire is about 3 hrs from me so I really think it is shipping people too. My birds traveled small distance, even going all the way to Tallahassee then back to Jacksonville. I do not understand why something from Midland has to go to Tallehassee, passing Jax then back... But I only had one chick exhausted and I gave him pedialyte and it bounced right back. It's only day 2 for the fuzzy ping pong balls but hopefully it will be fine.

Today, I got my shipment from Metzer and same way... Priority express, beautiful box, undented, tracked and all 6 geese and 5 ducks beautiful, happy and out of grow gel. They put a bunch but water fowl do love some water! Lol

Rare Birds.... What I think is missed is that these birds have to be acclimated to our weather. It could take a couple yrs for them to do this is breeder you bought from hasnt worked this out in their stock.

USPS - Now, with them having text and email updates, I knew exactly where mine were, what time they would be at post office and I always request Priority EXPRESS. It is about time regarding express and priority but the MOST IMPORTANT reason: they sit up front in passenger seat instead of the cargo. I always have the best looking boxes because they know I am receiving updates and watching. I think it gets worse the smaller your post office is unfortunately.

I know older post but wanted to share my experience with Greenfire. They were very gracious to me, turning my 6 chickens into a doz. That was very kind. The Beilefelders are beautiful as well.
"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." - Zora Neale Hurston
"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." - Zora Neale Hurston
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