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I got the craziest call!

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I have my big rooster listed on craigslist. He has to go. Well I had a woman call me yesterday morning about him. She asked how many I was selling. I told her just one rooster. She kept saying she needed a lot. I thought she was meaning she needed a rooster and lots of hens. She did not speak perfect english and she sounded older. I told her sorry and I only had one and hung up. Later I got a text asking about the listing for the rooster. I said he was available and they were welcome to come see him. The person texting said they needed many roosters. It was the same lady! She said she needed at least 6. I asked her why she needed so many. She said "for her girls". I asked how many hens she had. She said 15 and she thought she needed a min of 6 roosters or one for each. I explained that that many roosters was bad and they would kill each other. Then I asked if she was breeding. She said no that she didnt have an incubator lol I almost died. I told her the hen would lay on the eggs to hatch them. 


So she thinks each of her hens needs their own rooster to be content and lay eggs. I did not sell her my rooster.

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A very responsible thing to do. Gosh, I'm no expert on chickens, but you have to do a bit of homework before getting into things - no? God help her chickens and the roosters if she gets them - what a blood bath!


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I am by no means an expert but I know that too many roosters is a problem. I tried to explain it to her. Hopefully she understands and hopefully nobody will sell her that many roosters. :( 

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