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Brinsea cradle turner

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Hi!  I have a new Brinsea cradle turner.  Just wondering if there is anyway to adjust the turn angle?

I set it up on my Eco 20 while it was empty and it looks like it will dump the eggs out.  It tilts so far back and forward.  I'm afraid to put it on with eggs in the bator.  Any input from someone familiar with this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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I don't have it yet but I'm getting the Eco 20 and cradle for my birthday/xmass. So, I'm bookmarking and following.
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I too had the same thoughts when I first got mine but honestly it's fine and the eggs don't get dumped. When you set your eggs just make sure they are secure in the dividers. The cradle moves very slowly so any movement is gentle on the actual incubator. I will just have a quick look to see if I have pics of eggs on an angle.
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ohhh...Thank you.  I have 20 little olandsk eggs in there and had to use paper towels to prop them up in the bars.  They were shipped eggs and I have let them rest for 24 hours and am not going to turn for at least 3 days.  I thought about just hand turning them but am not home enough to be able to do it.  I will try the cradle turner in a few days.  Thank you for reassuring me.

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No problem, good luck with your eggs. Smaller eggs you may have to pack in more. I have foam that fits in my dividers which does hold the eggs better. You can also use the foam to pack ends that dont have a full row of eggs in. I'm sure you can buy them seperate from Brinsea.

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