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Sick hen! Please help!!

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One of my 2 yr old rhode island red is very sick. I noticed her comb was flopped over and pale about 2 weeks ago and she wasn't herself. I dewormed all 6 of them. Her comb seemed less pale but still wouldn't stand up. Today she was laying in the run on her side. She ate a little when I put it in front of but couldn't stand up..even when the other hens stepped on her. I brought her inside. She can't keep her eyes open for more than a few seconds. Her crop is full and seems hard. What should I do? Please help! I don't think she has much time.
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I am so sorry, she doesn't sound like she will make it. :(


However, it may help if you get her on antibiotics and get into her electrolytes and vitamins with water to keep her hydrated. Keep her warm and comfortable.


I really hope she makes it.

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