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lets talk rheas!

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i have emusl.....but i was recently talking to someone with rheas and i was wondering to get everyone's opinion about home much different are they from emus? how much smaller? do they still need a 6 foot fence like emus? are they more aggressive.....ive heard the males get REALLY mean. im just wondering lol im ignorant when it comes to them but i was wondering if the time ever happen that i could get a breeding pair of rheas.... i would be ready lol like...could they live with my emus? or should i keep them separate ect

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ive never kept them but from what ive seen they are more wild ratites  to my knowledge the bite instad of kick and yes the males are aggressive from what ive seen ive also been told they are among the easiest to feed because they eat grasses for the most part so id imagine having alot of grass or hay growing in their keeping area would make it where you rarely have to feed them  

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also like most ratites the male takes sole care or eggs and chicks  from multiple females  the eggs are yellowish to light green i think 

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Rhea are tamer and more docile thn emus, think of emus as teenagers and Rhea as older laid back grand parent!
Mine all run together the rhea put the biggest of my emus in place all the time.

A 6ftfence is always required as if they spook they will try and jump it, I also add barrier tape around the perimeter so they have a visible site of the fence so they can stop.

The males are aggressive at breeding season they will attack and injure severely if allowed, I just stand as tall as I can with my arms wide and mine tend to run off, I give chase just like another wild rhea would. But back turned and he will attack again.
They are a lot smaller than emus and less of a hassle in my opinion. I prefer the rhea at every stage of life compared to emus.
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