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"Dude" Looks Like a Lady

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We're new to backyard chickens, and we got a little flock of 10 girls plus one extra that always stood out as a little different, so we called it Dude. Since we got them in the mail, we figured the hatchery popped in a roo to keep the pullets warmer during shipping, something that we've repeatedly read can happen. 


But is Dude actually a LADY? (Cue the Aerosmith.)


We got them in the second week of April, so these birds are closing in on 6 months of age. Our flock is 3 Buffs, 3 Barred Rocks, 3 Aracaunas (we only ordered 2, so the shipped extra was an Aracauna--that's what Dude is), and 2 ISA Browns (definitely top of the pecking order). Here are the pieces of evidence for and against Dude's sexual identity as a male/female:


1. Dude has always had markings distinct from the two other Aracaunas (Actually an Aracauna-Americauna Strain from Townline Hatcheries). We have always been able to spot "him" from a distance. Dude is a roo?

2. Dude initially dominated the group, but now "he" is way low in the pecking order. There are no (other) roos in the flock. We had 2 groups of meat birds this summer, and there were roos in there, but they're long gone. Dude is a lady?

3. We are getting 8-9 eggs/day from the flock, and every day we get exactly 2 green eggs, which means that 2 Aracaunas are laying and 1 is not. Dude is a roo?

4. Beard. Dude has a distinctive under-beak feathering that really looks like a civil war era beard with sideburns. It's very different than the other two Aracaunas' feathering. Otherwise, comb and wattle development is on par with the two other Aracaunas'. Yep, we're anthropomorphizing here for sure, but...Dude is a roo? 

5. We have never heard any crowing from this flock. The meat birds (Freedom Rangers) developed some pretty impressive little roos for the 12 weeks we had them, but we never had a peep from the egg layers, and Dude never seemed particularly threatened by the meat bird roos. Dude is a lady? 


Any insight out there? The suspense is killing us! 

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We need a picture to help.
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Too bad I can't post a video! I've got a great one of my son with Dude. Looking through photos that I didn't lose when my iPhone went kaput...

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You can post a video to YouTube, then highlight the video's URL there by right clicking it and hit "Copy". Come back here to this post, click on the little film icon thing in the post's tool bar, just above the space you're typing in.  Follow the onscreen "paste" prompts and Presto!  Video posted.

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Here's a video. I don't have any still photos that survived my iPhone crash. Thank goodness I uploaded this gem to Facebook before I lost it!

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Not a great look at the saddle feathers, I'm afraid. I'll snap some pics tomorrow! Thanks!!

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I can't tell for sure from the video but I do know cuteness overload when I see it!  This is definitely that!

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I captured Dude on trail cam when we were trying to figure out who was laying the first eggs. Dude never sat in the nesting boxes, by the way--just came in for food and left. Sometimes he checked out the boxes, but never sat in them.  Hmmmm, having trouble getting it on YouTube and Vimeo. Here's a screen shot. 


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Here are some fresh photos. Tell me what you see, because sexing by saddle feathers is still beyond me.
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Huh--photos didn't upload from phone. Trying again...



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