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Sick Quail?

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We brought a quail from the local markets a week ago. When we got home i noticed it was limping. I thought that it was just hobbling around. when we brought the quails from the market we only wanted 2 but we saw this small one with a pecked neck, it was lieing down. The conditions it was kept in at the markets was not very good so i wanted to get it out of there so we ended up with 3 quails. I thought it was ok, but this morning the limping was getting worse so i looked at her feet. i then noticed the injuries she has on her feet. The injuries are really big and they look like big balls growing under her skin. i immediately was very concerned, as she is such a friendly quail. this morning all there was scabs, I then looked again this afternoon and she was bleeding. we cleaned the wounds with a hanky and water, Then a family member looked at the quail and put some sort of disinfectant for wounds on it. We have look around the wound, and there is nothing cutting off the circulation. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with my gorgeous quail.She is currently in an avairy with a few females and a male who is currently in breeding season mating with her. I have a medium sized cage for the chicks if needed when they arrive. Should i move her into there so she can rest? If any one  knows what she has or any advice or knows any thing please comment. Is taking her to the vet an option?











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Sounds like bumble foot. We really need a picture though

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