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You guys are great!  I appreciate all the time you've taken to ease my paranoia.  Sorry to hear about your fatal attacks, SandyNest.  That would just sicken me.  I've got coon and skunk problems.  I've had a skunk and her babes wipe out an entire beehive, overnight.   I'll house the chickens in the "coop" part at night.  It's tight.  No roof access,  hardware cloth over the windows and I buried 18" underground all the way around it.  I didn't dare bury the chicken wire under the greenhouse.  We've got heavy clay that heaves,  and though he built special headers that the glass slid into, so it has room to move, I didn't want to disturb the foundation.  


Thanks for mentioning the trees for shelter.  Perhaps I'll go a little bigger on the wire fencing and include a big pine tree they favor.  Geeze...A person could worry themselves to death.  I've only got 8 chickens, (6 months old) with plans for more in the spring. They've become a bit spoiled.  If I'm in the gardens, they're in the gardens.  I've got one Red Star that pecks on the dining room window when she's bored... *grin* They join us on the front porch quite often. Yep, a little spoiled.  I guess... It sounds like they're just going to have to give up some of their roaming freedom and be more contained in the winter.  I put my pepper plants in the greenhouse, but those will soon be gone.  Once the compost pit is full that'll give them quite a bit of room. The coop is 8 x 10 and the greenhouse is 8 x 16. Guess I'll just have to put a little "reading nook" in the greenhouse...Ummm...Errr....for me!  Ugh...I despise winter!!