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Bubble eyes?

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My hen has lots of fluid in her eye and can't open it. I'm worried. No coughing, wheezing, or any other cold symptoms. What do I do?
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Welcome to BYC. Can you see any peck wounds or sting marks around her face? Can you open her eye and look inside? You can wash her eye with saline or Vetericyn eye wash. Then use some Terramycin eye ointment twice a day if you are using saline. Mycoplasma or MG can cause eye swelling and drainage, and is a chronic respiratory disease. It is treated by antibiotics such as Tylan and oxytetracycline. Have you added any new birds to your flock recently?

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No peck marks. The whole flock (7 australopes and a black sex link) has been together since they hatched. No one new.
Just wondering (haven't looked up any of those treatments yet) are those expensive? I don't get paid for a while and my babies are the most important thing to me.
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Eggsessive, what would be the recommended dosage for Tylan 50 in this case?
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Tylan 50 can be given 1/4 ml to bantams, 1/2 ml for chickens under 5 pounds, and 1 ml for 5 pounds and over. Give it orally twice a day for 5 days, or once or twice a day for 3 days if giving it as an injection into the breast muscle.

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Thank you!
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