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Ok so at what point are y'all switching from the starter feed to the combination of feeds for yalls emus. This is my first time having an emu. Ours is about 6 months old. And the chicks that she was raised with are about to go out with the older girls and get layer feed.
I noticing she can eat about anything. But when is the question
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 I found this on the web for you.


Chicks to eight weeks old, need a 20% protein emu chick starter.  Feeding a higher protein than this may cause problems with splayed legs!  Feed free choice and several times per day.  Chicks this age should not need more than 2 pounds per day of a good nutritionally balanced feed. 

At around 8 weeks the chicks should be moved to a 20% Emu Grower and fed free choice.  As they go through growth spurts, the amount they eat will vary but average out to around 2 pounds per day of a good nutritionally balanced feed.  Some emu breeders move the birds to an 18% Grower feed at around 6 months.  At fourteen months the birds that are not being used for breeding  are sent to slaughter. 

Yearling breeders (12 to 24 months) should get 16% or 18% emu maintenance feed and fed free choice.


During the "off-season" breeders are fed the same 16% emu maintenance feed as the yearlings.  At the end of breeding season the emus will start to eat voraciously for about a month to 45 days.  When breeding season ends varies from one hen to the next.


Hope this was helpful.

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Here are wild chicks. They're here right now, in the house-clearing.



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