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My hen is dying and shes only 1

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My polish hen is slipping away real fast. She seemed alright yesterday. She had been producing shelless egg in august and than suddenly began molting a real heavy molt. She is only 1 year old and this morning  I found her on the floor inside of the coop. She was in a corner, motionless skrunch down and her head was dropped down. She seemed to have lost weight suddenly, even though I had seem her eat before. She is also the top hen in the pecking order. Everyone else in the coop is acting fine. Could this had been genetically? could shelless eggs at the age of 1 have been a clue?


We gave her so kyro syrup/water and a little probiotic with it. She took 1cc down and is inside the house. She is my favorite girl, but I do worry about the other flock too. it dropped last night into the forties and she is missing a lot of feathers.


Hatch date june 16, 2014

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Have you added any new birds recently? It's possible that she is an internal layer or could have egg yolk peritonitis. She also may just be having a terrible time with her molt. Sometimes we don't know a reason for their illnesses until a necropsy is performed after death. I would just try to get her to drink electrolytes and vitamins in her water with the probiotics. Try to feed her some egg and tuna, in addition to her usual feed. Watch her droppings for diarrhea or blood, in case she could be suffering from an overload of coccidiosis. Has she ever been wormed? Corid is good for coccidiosis, and Valbazen is the wormer I would recommend. 

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I did get new chicks in the spring. The chicks which are now almost all grown are healthy and thriving with the other girls. They were from the same hatchery as my 1 year old girls and vaccinated for marek. My one year old hen was laying until august. I than discovered in mid august when she was laying a shelless egg. I realized she was laying them for awhile because I did find egg yolk in the coop, but was confuse as to why not shell?


After august 20 something no more eggs were found from here. In the beginning of sept I notice her losing a lot of feathers. She lost a lot and has only 2 tail feathers. I assumed her egg laying may have been to her going into a molt.


She had been acting funny since she was a chick, she always did a droopy wing thing in the summer and would pant while the other hens were OK in the summer heat. She did not run much either. Around the end of June she started acting stranger and would some mornings stand up just holding her head down. The chicks had no contact during that time with any of my hens. All the other hens are good, they have meat on them. 


My polish girl is thin and two weeks ago when I cleaned them and dusted them with seven she weighed normal.

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I had a hen who had laid some shell-less eggs, and one day had an egg membrane hanging out of her vent after an egg broke inside. She appeared to do alright for awhile but died around two years, from what I assumed was egg yolk peritonitis. Having a sick chicken is always guess work, and I suppose after you've had them for many years you can spot those things easier. When I lost another hen the next year, I started doing my own necropsy if one died, and sometimes you can see what caused the death, if it is peritonitis, kidney failure or gout, worms, or in my hen's case, a blockage in the gizzard.. Sometimes the state vet can do a more thorough job, though on the things such as Mareks, intestinal or respiratory diseases.

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Thank you, something is wrong and has been wrong for awhile. I might be related to her laying issues, or something else. She is fighting, she tries to lift up her head and open her eyes. She can't hold her weight but tried standing for a few secs. We've been able to get 4ccs total in all today into her of electrolytes and probiotics. Her crop is full with the water, but the water keeps coming back up and I believe it has been coming up every time she lays her head down into the shavings. It's sad, part of us want to just end her suffering. But she is fighting for her life and shares a birthday day with a family member. I know in my heart for a top hen to not eat and become skin and bones has to be due to some disease/condition. Could be many things, but she did weigh well 3 weeks ago when I checked them all out for parasites. It could be any of the things you mention, I just wish she'd go on her own.

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There is a thread to help people learn to tube feed if you want to try and keep her going until she can eat and drink on her own. Feeding tubes and syringes can be obtained from your vet, but aquarium air tubing can be melted on one end to soften sharp edges, and it will fit a regular tip 35 or 60 cc syringe. Here is is a link for that thread:

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Thank you for the link, the hen is still alive.Her crop was squishy yesterday after getting some liquids in her, but not much has change from her behavior. It may be a blockage. Because some greenish specks was ozzing out with the water every time she laid her head down. She also pooped basically water. I will keep trying to message and see if it helps. I feel as long as shes fighting, I should give her a chance, even if it is unlikely she will pull through.

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Update, peaches passed away some time during the night. I am happy she is no longer in pain
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Sorry for your loss. Sometimes by performing a necropsy yourself and looking at the abdominal contents and liver,, it can shed light on what was going on internally that may have caused her death.

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Thank you Eggsessive, I'm not sure I have the stomach to do a necropsy and my husband wont. So far all the other birds are healthy, which is whats important. My flock is small, now with just 5 birds and they are fighting now that the leader is gone.

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