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Pig Swig Wormer

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I bought and dosed my flock with Pig Swig wormer yesterday at the recommendation of my local farm store. Piperazine is the active ingredient. I was able to find out about the 14 day egg withdrawal, but I am wondering if they will need a second dose? If so, after how long? The guy working at the feed store wasn't sure and I keep finding different info on Google. Thank you!
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Generally you want to deworm most animals twice.....once to get rid of the adults and larva and a second time to get rid of newly hatched eggs.  I have read in this forum though that some people don't deworm unless they see worms in the droppings while others say you shouldn't wait for an infestation.  The bottle should give you directions.  You might also contact the Agricultural specialist for your area.  If he doesn't know he can find out for you. So should the person who sold you the stuff btw.

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