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lime receipe for painting

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which receipe do yall use?  to whitewash the inner coop... the old fence bds  that make up the coop walls. I read prev on here get barn lime.. duh also read here and other places hydrated lime....

 I bought a 50 lb bag of barn lime other nite from TSC..... others sites say hydrated lime... Duh which one and best receipe? please

so which is safer?   

need to know cause I wanna lime the walls before putting back up the new 1/4 plywood thats primed and will paint the paint over the primer in a few minutes... acrylic pt we bought a while back to cover the dark paneling in basement...

Had Hubby and I take down the plywood cause it is lots easier to roll on paint on plywood while its laying on sawhorses

thanks all

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I followed that one with the lime, salt and borax. I prob put too much water. But it didnt blend. it was Junk. maybe I use the wrong kind of salt... I even took out some of the water It was like soupy concrete.      Maybe somebody did it as a joke or left something out of te "receipe"

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