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No eggs yet :(

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I have 4 sweet hens that I got as chicks in April.  Shouldn't they be laying by now?  I had them on developer until a few weeks ago and I didn't want to buy another bag of developer since I figured that they would start laying any day so now I have them on laying pellets.  They get lots of kitchen scraps, plenty of water, they seem to be happy.  I'm confused. :/



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I would imagine that they will begin laying very soon. Signs include reddening of the comb and squatting in front of you. I know its a tough one, but patience is the name of the game i am afraid!



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Thank you, I just didn't know what was "typical"  I keep threatening soup LOL:rolleyes:

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I know what you mean, Maybe hang the stew pot in the coop, see if that works? :D

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Depending on when you got them in April, they would currently be somewhere between 5 and 6 months old which is when most breeds begin laying so (assuming they are actually pullets) they should begin laying soon.

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