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Wheezing for months

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New to Backyard chickens, and never posted in a forum before so please bare with me.  I have a hen (Fannie) that has been wheezing for about 5 months now.  I have 4 hens, all about a year old, and all laying just fine, except one that is molting, and the other 3 seem just fine.  When Fannie started the wheezing she was miserable for a few days and I assumed the worst, but then she got better and has acted normal since then except for the wheezing, and i don't even know if I would call it wheezing, but more like damaged vocal cords because she makes no clucking noises or anything. I have done much research but can't seem to find any information anywhere about what it could be since it has been going on so long. 

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Have you checked for gape worms?

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