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Wounded Rooster

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Hi everyone, I'm new here.

Our chocolate lab got ahold of our rooster over the weekend. He's fine other than a quarter sized wound on his back. I'm a nurse so I've been doing standard wound care, but I'm finding it difficult to wrap a chicken. I'd like to leave it uncovered, but fire ants have been a problem; his wound was covered in them when I went to clean it the other day. So, I've been changing the dressing once a day, debrieding with saline, batadine swabs, spraying peroxide, covering with a non-stick gauze, and wrapping with a self-adhesive bandage (co-flex).

Does anyone have any tips on how to treat or wrap a wounded rooster?
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Hello and welcome.


 Just keep rooster separate for a while - chicken loves raw meat. Few weeks ago our low-IQ dog skinned one of our hens, well, not comepletely, but one of the legs had no skin at all. First i thought to cook wounded chick, but changed my mind. We had to keep her separate and she actually recovered, laying eggs and show good temper.

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Is it possible to keep him inside until the wound begins to heal? In a dog crate in the garage maybe? If flies get to that wound they will lay eggs there and you will have a maggot infestation. As for the wound, I would irrigate it with a watered down betaine solution, apply triple antibiotic ointment (without the pain reliever), and leave it uncovered. Peroxide is okay to use once or twice if necessary but it breaks down healthy tissue so is not recommended. The "caine" pain reliever in ointments is also bad for them.
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m Thanks so much! We've been keeping him separate from the other chickens, but he's still near them. I'll see what I fan do about keeping him on the garage for a few days.
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m Thanks! I'll start using the triple antibiotic ointment.
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