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Sick chicken, please help ?

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Or recommend a good, reasonably priced vet in the Oakland, CA area?


Our head girl, Malek, is about 3 years old, and for the last month hasn't been herself. When I let her out for yard time, she tries to jump up on a cinderblock at the exit of the run, and more often than not, trips and falls. The block is 6" tall at most. None of the other chickens have a problem with it, and until recently, she didn't either.


Her wings and tail droop slightly, her butt feathers seem to be falling out, and the skin underneath looks irritated and pink. Her poop is more watery than usual, but nothing explosive or off-color. Her eyes and respiration seem normal. I don't know for sure if she's laying, but I suspect she is (no noticeable change in production from our 4 ladies). Also, a few days ago I picked her up and her crop area seemed swollen and FULL, like a I thought maybe sour crop...but then I picked her up again a couple days later and didn't feel anything. (??)


I'm thinking a bacterial something or other -- tetracycline?

Or maybe worms?


I really appreciate your help!!!!

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Not sure what is going on with your hen but I wanted to mention the California - Northern thread. I think you might have some luck finding a vet
(or even a helping hand) there. I know that HighStreetCoop is right there in your area as are many others. Good luck!
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I will look into that. Thanks Mr Beaks!!

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You're welcome! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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