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Hens not laying

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Hey so a week ago I purchased 2 Orpington hens both 14 months old so I have been waiting for them to settle in and of course anxiously awaiting eggs but after a week there's still no eggs I'm just wondering is this normal they seem happy and are eating well is there something I should do or wait it out thx for the help
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It can take hens several weeks to adjust to a new home and begin laying again. Having said that, it's fall, so it's very normal for them not to be laying right now, due to seasonal molting. Some hens will resume laying as soon as they are done molting. Others won't lay again until spring is on the way.

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Thanks for your help just out of interest what is involved in the of the hens molting
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They start losing feathers making room for new ones growing in. Some lose  LOTS of feathers and look absolutely pathetic. Some lose just a few. 

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Oh ok they don't seem to be losing feathers yet but I'll keep an eye out I'm still educating myself on all things chickens
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