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I didnt think it would hurt them to give them it , but idk
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I know that mine hens have lost all their haby feathers but thats the closest molt they had so far they are 7-8months of age and i have younger from a month to six months so feathers are still flying off the youngsters. Diffently makes clipping wings a weekly thing the older girls i have not had to clip their wings in awhile. So from my understanding they wont go back until they go through their first molt. which can be brought on by stress and weather but from laying side if something changes it could take weeks before they lay and fall/ winter they slow down.
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Wow , well my younger ones lost their baby feathers they look like the adults that i had got , and in my profile picture ichabod my rooster was loosing his baby feathers and his full adult feathers are in now so is that molting? Then they do it again in a couple months?
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I always recommend giving electrolytes for the first 3 days and if you want some probiotic
To help them get over the stressful move
Hens like routine and well get upset if there routine is messed with and if you have extra waterters or pans I well put those out around there coop aswhile to be sure they have plenty of places to get water depending on how large there coop is .if they were laying when you bought they well resume laying in a few days
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I got this powder that goes in their water it has vitamins ,electrolytes and probiotics , i also give them fresh veggies and fruit like kale and plums , bell pepper, apples , and yogurt ,
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Ill be sure to put more around cause the waterer thats in their coop is a smaller one cause they do knock it over or the dish they fill with dirt then i have a 5 gallon water out side their coop then in the other area i have a smaller dish , but i could also put a couple more down
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Two of the three ( yoda and r2d2) still act a little on edge but the lady we got them from said she didnt have to much to do with them so i dont know if my daughter ,husband and i being around them alot is stressful to them cause i love being out side with them in my garden watching them do their chicken thing ,they have gotten a ton calmer since we got them like they will walk around my feet and if they see me with a hand ful of fruit or something they come running up like the others but if they think im going to touch them they run away raising cane
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I find well new livestock of any kind well be uneasy around new folk. What I do is walk sowly and calmly when im around them for the first few weeks dont grab them unless you have to and talk to them and if you want wear one color shirt so they associate like for example red with a non predator. And get a chair and throw treats around it and sit and watch them so they can decide how close they want to get at there own pace and if one jumps on your lap you can sowly try to touch the hen
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Thats a good idea i never thought of that ill sneak my chair in there before i let them out in the morning and some fruit or something and see what happens ill just sit in there every morning for a bit , i usually just kneal down and do it that way but i move around more and they do seem jumpy that way so maybe if im relaxed in a chair they will become more relaxed around me too, thanks so much for your advice its certainly helpful
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SUPER EXCITED!!! jar jar binks has laid a egg today!!
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