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Hen with growth/strange ball shape

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I just noticed that one of my brabanters has a few strange growths or something on her back and by her neck. Please, do you know what these things are and what I can do about it? Also, she is a few months old and is on the bottom of the pecking order. Her feathers are thin and unhealthy looking. She also has not been eating much at all lately. A few days ago she was being pecked on at the end of her tail, so I placed her in a dog kennel in the coop. She hasn't been eating much since then. I tried integrating her back in the other day, but the other hens were picking on her again. Any ideas appreciated. Don't know what to do about her.





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The larger shape is squishy, like it's filled with water or something. She small one is hard, like a tied off piece of a balloon. 

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The bigger lump could be from a leaking air sac from an injury. I don't know what the smaller lump is--maybe scar tissue from a peck or a cyst. I probably wouldn't do anything about the possible leaking air sac since she is not having any trouble breathing, but here is some info on how to get air out of a leaking air sac:


As far as her getting picked on, there always is one that is lowest in pecking order, probably from just being meek. Don't remove her from the flock, but fence her off perhaps with another meek one on one side of the coop. Then let them all free range with you present every evening before roost time. The more she comes out of the flock, the longer it will take to become part of the flock. Watch for bullies and remove them for up to a week at a time, to lower their place in the pecking order.

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Thank you for your help. I don't think I'll be able to gather up the courage to do that. But I know someone who may. 

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