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Deformed? Foot

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Any ideas what is up with this roo's foot? The outside toe on each foot is all messed up. He didn't start this way. I noticed it bothering him towards the end of august. He had a slight limp on sometimes, but gets around well. He was hatched late spring this year, is a black Marans (I guess. .. was supposed to be BCM). He is third in the roo pecking order, also the youngest.
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Could you post a picture of what you are seeing? Is there any bumblefoot (redness, swelling, or dark spot on the bottom of either footpad?)

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Sorry, was trying to do that and I got paged out. I'm an EMT. Here is a picture

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Is it possible that the other boys aren't letting him eat enough? Sometimes foot problems are nutrition related.

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The first thing I would do it make sure that he is getting a vitamin with minerals in case of a deficiency. You could also treat him for lice and mites with permethrin garden dust or spray. If that doesn't clear it up, then I would consult a vet for possible cortisone or prednisone treatment. Every so often people seem to have feather-legged roosters with this same sort of problem, and most can never find a reason why. Here are some threads to look at with similar problems:

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