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Help, my chicks STOPPED EATING!

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My chicks are almost 2 weeks old. They were doing great, then all of a sudden today they stopped eating! All 15 of them. The feeder is still full from this morning. Anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
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Are they still drinking. What kind of food are you using. If it is crumbles, are they "stuck" in the feeder. Do the chicks seem happy or are they distress peeping? Are you using any sort of heat lamp/lighting in a brooder or are they in the dark all night? Any type of pictures may help so someone with more experience than me can look at your setup?

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They are still drinking. I'm using crumbles and they're not stuck in the feeder. They look and sound happy and content. Maybe peeping a little less, but I think it's just that they have settled in for the night and they're mostly sleeping. There is a heat lamp and it's at the right temperature.

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Ok. I see they are on shavings now which I think is fine. Mine when they were that young (and now at 3mos.) loved to scratch the feed out of the feeder and then "forage" in the shavings for their food. So if any food have been scratched out or spilled (I did that too-and they seemed to really like that too), they may be eating more than you think. If they are foraging in the shavings you may want to offer a little chick grit just in case they eat a few shavings as well-just in case they need a little help to digest. They generally won't eat a lot of grit unless they need it. You may also want to check a few of their crops to see if they are indeed eating. If they are not peeping loudly and constantly I wouldn't worry. (I worried over mine incessantly). They will sleep and then get up in the middle of the night and party like rock stars!!:celebrate


If you are still concerned or they start acting lethargic,distressed or droopy you may want to repost in "Emergencies, Diseases, Injuries and Cures" section of the forum instead of "Raising Baby Chicks" there are a lot of knowledge people on here willing to help.


They are so much fun! Good Luck!

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I recall having to place the food dish ona paper towel so the chicks know the difference between the litter and the crumble.
Unusual that all fifteen stopped eating.
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