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Lost quail, any suggestions?

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I wanted to show some friends one of my button quails, but someone opened the door to outside and she flew away. We were so close to catching her, but she flew so high and landed in thickets with thorns and tall grass. I thought if I played quail sounds, she would cry for help. I hear no response. My other quail didn't seem to notice her absence, so they weren't much help. I lost hope, since there are so many predators out there and she might not know what to eat besides bugs. This morning her twin brother cried out longer than usual, with no response either. I don't expect to find her, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try? I really hope she's okay:hitAll support appreciated

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Live traps for rats/squirrels with treats in it for her. But honestly dont get your hopes up. Ive never recovered an escaped button that i didnt catch immediately.
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I'll try that. Thank you! I'll post if she comes home.

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This happened to me twice with my female! Fortunately she's only gotten to the neighbor's house. They usually don't go too far because of all the unknown. What I do is I play videos of button quail calls from my phone and generate the male to call out for her or for her to reply. Keep an eye out and she'll hopefully return. When she gets close enough to the cage or aviary I get her back. Good Luck
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I tried this and for some reason haven't gotten any response or seen her. She unfortunately went in the direction of the woods, not the neighbors. How long was she gone for, or did you find her the same day?

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I found mine the same day before the sun went down. Both days. Second time was easier. If she went into the woods it might be harder with predators around.sad.png Good luck, don't lose hope.
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I lost a roo, recently. Apparently I forgot to close the cage properly, but only one of the 4 roos in there was gone. I think I heard him calling 2-3 days later(the direction seemed wrong for it to be the other buttons). I walked through the area where I thought I heard him, hoping to make him fly up so I could see him, but no luck.. Hope you find your hen!

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Sadly, I have lost hope. But her twin brother just had some chicks hatch, and one looks like her when she was a baby. I named it Kilo2. I sure hope she is okay. If she didn't make it, RIP Kilo we miss you. T-T

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