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Please help!!

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Hello! I posted in the wrong forum last night. It was recommended that I post here. Here is the post:

Hi guys! So we are new chicken owners. Not sure of our breeds. We have 6 hens and a rooster. The girls are 5 months old and our boy is 18 days younger. Love them to pieces!

About a month ago we noticed strange diarrhea like poop. Since then we have been trying to figure out which one it is coming from. Well, today we figured it out. One of the girls. She is isolating herself and is really acting like she doesn't feel well. She actually laid her head in my hand and fell asleep. Then liquid came from her. She relaxed again and again, liquid came from her. This time she seemed to be in distress. I looked and realized it was egg white came out of her. No yolk, no shell. Then a while later, a tubular, open ended, soft shell came out of her. Her comb and wattle look fine although they are not as warm as the others. Any ideas on what could be going on? Below is a picture of her shell.
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Since they're only 5 months she's most likely just coming into laying.  When they're new to laying you can get some REALLY weird things coming out until their system gets started up properly. 


Is she eating/drinking ok?  Do you have layer feed out yet or free choice oyster shell for them?


I'm sure other's will be along shortly with more ideas...but if she's eating/drinking ok I wouldn't be too worried at this point.

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Yes, they have started on the layer feed. We also crush their shells and feed them back to them. Sh is drinking but is a little touchy with food. Normally they eat mosquitos like they are going out of style but she wouldn't have anything to do with them. Last night she went over to the barn and just fell asleep in the dirt. She also is having this very messy, foul diarrhea. I was thinking this was a bad sign.

I am relieved to hear that this is most likely common! If she does develop egg yolk peritonitis (was mentioned on my previous thread), is there a cure? Thanks!
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Hmmm...maybe more going on here then.  Do you have a pic of the diarrhea?  It's not a cecal poop is it?

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I dont sad.png I can describe's mostly clear with bits of the normal looking stuff in it. I am not quite sure what cecal poop is but I'll do a quick search now to see.
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