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Actually she did know they would be in her yard as her ex-husband has them as well, and my mother had them before as well. And they aren't over there all the time, maybe an hour or two on an off day. I also knew they would not stay in my yard, as any guinea I have ever seen was running free, and I had know idea who they belonged to. That is why I spoke with all of my neighbors before getting them. I was not niave about them. I had a yard sale this weekend with all kids of people in my yard. My guineas walked around and didn't bother or touch a single person. In fact they ran off olif anyone stepped in their direction. She has not and I have not seen them touch her grandkids. He son was at my house and I took two steps towards him while holding a chicken upside down examining her. He ran/walked all the way to the back fence, which is half way accross 2 acres simply because he is scared of them. This child is scared of everything. I am not trying to justify, I am clarifying your misinterpretations of the situation.
Oh, and one more clarification,these are not small children. Her youngest is 10 and bigger than my 12 year old and her oldest is 16. I have a 1 yr old, 6 yr old, and a 12 yr old who are outside and around these guineas. I also have the kitten, and 2 chihuahuas. The guineas have NEVER bothered any of them, or any of the children who showed up to my yardsale.
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Well then, I guess I'll just mosey on out of here.  Once again I read all about how fantastically well behaved your guineas are and not a word about possible solutions to appease your neighbor.  Not one of my family members, child or adult, should feel anything less than 100% safe when they are on my property. What I said still stands - if they were on my property and my grandkids were afraid of them, the shotgun would be getting a workout.  


I sincerely wish you the very best.  Hostile neighbors are no fun - I've got one on the south side of me now and I've done all in my power to make sure she isn't even inconvenienced by my birds. Our issue is a totally personal one (she took exception to something I voted for when I was on the town council and let the whole world know it by standing on her side of the fence calling me every name she could think of) but I darn sure am not going to toss fuel on the big fire she has under her hiney.  


And I, for one, would enjoy seeing another picture or two of your guineas.  I've never had them, but the people I know who do really like them for bug control.

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Can you try and retrain the guineas to stay on your side of the fence. similar to wait is suggested in this thread by PeepsCA (its the third reply down)


I personally do not think your guineas are going after the kids etc however I would try to keep the peace with the neighbor or at least show some attempts in good faith to keep the hens on your side of the fence. 

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My attempt at repairing funky guinea feet. Here they are roosting outside for the first time, running around with their huge sagging wings, and wandering around oblivious to the kitten who is stalking them under the piece of wood waiting to pounce. The kitty loves to practice his hunting skillson the guineas. They aren't impressed by this, but they haven't retaliated
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They are pretty.  Did the feet on the chick at the top ever straighten out?  Um those are bandages, right?  Or am I showing off how stupid I am about guineas and they just have very pretty bodies on very ugly feet?

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I had run out of millet awhile ago. Before that they were trained to come to my whistle. Without the millet, they quickly became obstinate and refused to come when I whistled. I told her I was trying to find some to buy as my store was out so I could try to get them to come back when I whistled.
I now have a big bag and I am retraining them to come. They are picking it back up quickly as it seems proso millet is pretty much crack for guineas. Twice I saw them down there and twice they came back for me. So I am trying to keep them close. I can't put chicken wire all the way around 5 acres to keep them in my fence. I do not have the funds. With the exception of food stuff, most everything we have build or put up was recycled or reclaimed. I do not have the money to do that. And I can't only fence next to her house, as they go through other places and then just walk down the outside fence to her And they can fly great. They have flown over a 5 foot fence in the pen several times, as we have not netted it off yet. It's a work in progress. My father and I have health issues. They have now taken to roosting in the trees.
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I would keep up the progress on calling them back and just be mindful and call them back if you see them over there or esp. when her grand kids are visiting.

 My birds have access to both my property and the neighbors thankfully love having them over to take care of the bugs and getting those hard to reach leaves from under the rose bushes etc.  I make sure if they have a question or concern that they see me take some sort of action quickly and I also will check in with them periodically to make sure we haven't overstepped our welcome. 

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Wow! You got responses from all directions. I have lived in the country and I had so many problems with my neighbors... Property line disputes, lawsuits cuz I encouraged my dog to urinate on a neighbors fence, etc. I live in the city and my neighbors are great! I would try to tell her that the birds are protecting her grandchildren by eating the ticks and you'll try to figure which one is the culprit. Band their legs with different colors and ask her to identify which one is the problem. Try gaining her friendship on another level and she might forget about making stories. I can see them chasing the kids if their walking around with a bag of chips or something. Good luck .
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