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new to polish....

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I have 2 polish pullets about 6 mths old

what I've noticed is..

they are small birds

love to be held..once I pick them up

they go to bed earlier than the rest

they keep together

they are funny to watch

they act like needy babies

will roost any where



and I was wondering

when can i expect them to start laying?

as it gets colder how do you keep their crest dry??

anything special to get them through the winter???




the new polish mom!!

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Hi Michelle frow.gif

Congratulations on your new polish celebrate.gif All the things you have said about them is so true. I absolutely love them and have 20 of them at the moment. They are a lovely breed to keep but require a little more attention. The crests need checking regular for mites and lice. Also a good look at the eyes regular really helps too. Some times the crest can interfere with the eyes. As for keeping them dry, a covered run really is best. I tried a few different things to keep mine clean and the covered run was the best. Also a thin lipped drinker helps to keep the crest out of the water.

Some polish can be sporadic layers but based on my own experience they have started at 6 months give or take a week or two. So your young ladies should be anytime soon. The average is about 120 a year although some are better and some are poor. It really does depend on the individual birds.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your polish!
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I have two polish, complete opposites of each other. One is a bantam, the other is standard. One likes being held, the other doesn't...etc. lol.png

X2 on Yorkshire coop.
Chickens rule, ducks are cool, quails too.
Chickens rule, ducks are cool, quails too.
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so just when I think all is well... boom I come home to this :ep so she now get to relax in the grow out pen and recoup! any idea how to stop this from happening.. they did this to her before just not till there was blood! I think she needs a helmet...grrrr


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Are you keeping them in a mixed flock? Im afraid this is one of the downsides to polish hmm.png They don't always do well in a mixed flock as their crests attract a lot of unwanted attention. For now you need to keep the area as clean as possible untill it has healed. Once she is healed you could use some blue cote or anti peck regular on her to try and deter the others from pecking at the crest. Once they have drawn blood this seems to exasperate the problem as the blood sends them into frenzy and so they peck even more. It can become a vicious circle of you can't nip it in the bud. If they continue with the pecking you may need to consider keeping your polish seperate from the others.

Hope she heals soon and reintegration goes well fl.gif
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Update... I still can't deter this head peckng on my friendly polish. She's bottom on the pecking order docile and loves to cuddle with me! She actually falls asleep in my arms!.. Everytime she starts getting some new feather growth they peck her bald again... I've seen her getting pecked they don't seem mean but she bows her head and just lets them? I use no pick seems to help for a couple days but gosh it looks aweful her top knot will never be pretty again ☹ my other polish is doing fine!
Does anyone have other suggestions?
Thanks Michelle
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Polishes they are so cute you have know some things about polishes. The usual laying time is 6 months , they were domesticate in the Netherlands. Some uses are laying and feather color , it is a large bantam the comb is a v comb or it won't have a comb. However if you live in New England the polish is not hardy to the cold. They lay medium to large with a white shell the rate of laying is 150-200 egg per year. It's usually not broody but over all it's a docile breed.❤🐔❤
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well on the coldest weekend of this new england winter..with record breaking negative temps!!!! both of the polish started laying!! they are about 9 months old..

good size eggs for a 1st lay!! 

yay for me!!!:yesss:

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