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What am I? Breed, color, sex

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I am new to chickens and have started my backyard flock. (ADDICTED) I went to a few different places to get an assortment for color variety and my son picked out some random chicks. They were all straight run so I have 13 and just hoped for the best to get mainly hens.

I believe they are all around 6-8 weeks old, since I purchased them around 9/7/15 and they had no feathers yet or they had just barely begun feathering.I would love any confirmation of breed, color, and sex. Thanks




#1....I think this was supposed to be an EE, and I'm guessing pullet?


#2 ...I bought 2 NH and 2 RIR and lost track of who was who. This one is like a puppy and I really hope a pullet.

#3...I'm guessing another EE pullet, what color would this be considered?

#4... My Roo I think....he kinda sticks out among the crowd, he's a sweety too! NH or RIR

#5 NH or RIR pullet?

#6 NH or RIR pullet?

#7 (lemony color) Another EE?

#8 Is this considered a lavender or blue orpington, i'm guessing pullet?

The last 3 photos are the same 2 birds.

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They all look like pullets (besides the one that you pointed out is a rooster).

#6 and #5 are bother NH. RIRs would have more red as chickens hence their breed coloration.

The one that acts like a puppy (#2) seems to have a biggish reddish comb. It's not as big as the one that you claim to be a cockerel, but this is questionable. I am leaning on the rooster side, to be honest.

I've had experience growing chicks up and the roosters are most calm, dependent on the breeds. Sometimes in general they have a content mannerism once they are in your arms. That is my experience - not a fact. I am just thinking that maybe since it's so puppy-like and calm, or w/e you meant by 'puppy', that it's another sign of rooster. When he/she gets older, send some more pictures of him/her. The oily feathers will begin to form on their neck/back like a saddle almost. You seem rather good with determining the sex of chickens, but here's an image of what the feathers would begin to formulate into:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
The oily substance on the outside of the feathers are noticeable on these ones.

But, otherwise, I am just guessing he/she's a rooster. It's not 100%, just what I'm thinking of unfortunately. Sometimes the nicest chicks are the boys and grow up to be vicious!


Also, the three you guessed were EEs look like them to me. They have green legs, which is a huge indication. EEs are my favorite, good luck with those pretty girls! I also believe that they are considered either, but mostly the Lavender Orpington. Definitely a pullet. ;)

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Thank you Kino!
The one that looks like a Roo acts like he's constantly protecting and is def dominant. The other that is questionable in #2 doesn't act dominant at all, but shows no fear of us and will walk up to us to get attention. However the chicken in #4 is sweet and likes his attention as well but he always stands in front of the herded pullets and behaves as tho he's guarding them until he realizes there is no threat.
Maybe my #2 is just low-man in the pecking order and wants a new home where he can be King Roo lol
I'll def keep an eye on this one and post more pics as time goes.
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Haha, yeah! They all have cute, funky, and amazingly different personalities! The rooster in image #4 is certainly the man then, and might be a little feisty when he gets older - who knows? The one in #2 is very questionable. I am looking at him/her again and I realize they have a little smaller comb than the confirmed rooster. The red coloration is still a bit more bold among the other pullets, and the comb is a bit larger..

That also may be the case. I have a few roosters getting along with each other since they grew up together. The one at the bottom of the pecking order (who doesn't lead the hens) is a sweetheart. They're both sweeties, but the one I believe is currently at the bottom is very nice and gentle. They're still young, older than yours, but considerable chicks; just a bit more mature.

Regardless- good luck with both of them! We can always hope and wish that sweet baby girl/boy is a pullet! I hope with you because I'm suffering with the same situation. I am almost positive the chick is a rooster, though...

Also, your flock is beautiful. I love your Lavender Orpington and EEs especially. They're all amazing! Good luck with the little guys.

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Thanks I also have another lavender orp pullet a lil younger, and a splash or lav orp cockerel, he got fat fast and his legs started to spraddle, I put the band on his legs and he's already improving.
Plus I have two Delaware chicks and another Blackish EE chick. Those 5 are still in the nursery and almost have all their feathers ready.
Thanks again for all your advice and expertise!!
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The bands and band-aids are best for those situations. It's good to hear he's improving.

Also, it sounds like you got quite the flock growing on there! I wish you the best of luck with them.

It's no problem at all. I've been raising chickens for around five years - I enjoyed every year I spent with them. I've had some experience throughout those times, so yeah. Truly the best pets I've ever had besides my cats and dogs. Amazing creatures.

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