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HELP my chickens were attacked

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My rooster has a hole in  his neck that is like half a centimeter in diameter. he cant stand or controll his legs very well but he can move them, he is eating and drinking water. he is a barred cochin.

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Could have been a fight between the two?
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I know they were attacked because all 16 of the others were scattered and hiding everywhere and came running when we got home. i wish it was just a fight instead of a predator...

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Mmmmm does it look like a canine(actual canine tooth not dog tooth) tooth?
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I just took another look examining around the whole body and i found 3 different holes, im thinking it was a weasel but i really need to know how to help him be able to stand and get better, im finishing there actual coop this weekend and it will be completely predator proof. Please tell me how to help him???

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It would help if you could possibly send an image on how severe his wounds are?

You can use some treatment to help prevent infection. Look at this link:

You can also put flower on it (depending on how deep it is) or any scrapes that are bleeding (if any).

Hope this helps! I wish your rooster the best of luck. He clearly risked his life for his hens. That is a heroic rooster you got there. ;)

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I will post a picture when i get home, his wound seem very minor, only 3 small puncture wounds on his neck. ( i didn't even think about the fact that it was the rooster and that he was probably protecting them) do you think he will walk again?

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I'm not quite sure. It is a good thing that he is capable of eating and drinking though.

What happens when you pick him up and set him on his feet? Does he fall over immediately or just very slowly?
If immediate and his legs show no sign of movement whatsoever, I am convinced he is paralyzed forever (most likely) or it could be temporary from shock.

He may just be in brief shock or he could be weak, which means he is able to walk but not too well. Once nurtured to his proper health, he may recover back to normal.

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He only eats and drinks when i put it in his mouth and he falls over right away but he does kick his legs and look like he is trying to stand i know he can move his legs but he doesn't seem to be able to carry his weight....

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My camera takes such horrible pictures if i posted them on here it wouldn't help... but i found 2 more large gashes one on each of his sides (before i was only looking at the neck area) and a few more cuts that look like just one layer of skin was sliced or something. 

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