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Chicken swallowing/eating problem

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My chicken is recovering from the trauma that I posted about in another thread she burns the skin off half of her body and I think he has a sprained or broken ankle she seemed to be feeling a lot better wanting to eat but now this is what she does when she tries to eat should I be mushing up her food and force-feeding her or just let her keep trying ? I've included (I think) a video
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I would be mushing her food with water or yogurt to see if that helps.
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I have tried the mushed yogurt, she is more interested in the chick starter but can barely get a few little crumbs down (if she is getting any down at all) She is clearly starving because even though she falls asleep she still tries to eat. I put a liquid of stress vitamins and chick starter together and have given her some of the water by syringe but even a minute after, some will drool out when she tries to eat again.


What can I do^

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I have read here that some have tube fed their birds. I am not a good one to ask about taking care of injured or sick birds. I have never had much luck with them. I have nursed 2 birds that survived but many more who have not. If she is still trying to eat and she is drinking, those are both good signs. Keep her warm and quiet with access to food and water. Maybe all she needs is time.
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Here are some short videos on her today. She is curious and walking around and definitely hungry but she can't seem to get anything down. Doesn't look like gape worm. I put oil in her chick starter feed. Her aim is also terrible. Ideas?
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She looks better than she did.
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She is definitely moving around more - and is slightly demanding when it comes to lap cuddles 😄
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