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My hen won't open her eye

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I am very new to raising chickens and now my 5 month old hen has a problem. We don't have any vets near us that see birds, let alone chickens 😕 About 3 days ago I noticed that she wanted to keep her eye closed. I've inspected it and can't seem to find an obvious injury. I figured if it was just irritated it should be better by now. Is it safe to put drops in it? Anything else that I should be looking or watching for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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How's your hen doing?
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Is your hen eating? drinking? otherwise acting normal?  Or is she standing or laying in one place with her eye closed?  In my (very)  limited experience, sometimes if they aren't feeling well they'll stand around with one eye closed, but the other open.  Not necessarily an eye problem, even though it appears that way to us.

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After about 4 days with no improvement in the eye, lethargy set in. I called my vet who happened to be out of town so I had to see someone else. She gave "Effie" to tobramycin eye drops and enrofloxacin and did a fecal test. She came back positive for cocsidia (sp?) which the vet wants to treat rather aggressively 😕 However, when my vet read the labs and said the levels are so low that she doesn't want to treat it. I decided to listen to my vet and she seems back to normal 😄
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Good glad she's better.
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