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On eye swollen, watery and appears sunken

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So yesterday night my chicken seems to have something wrong with her left eye, at the time it was not swollen nor was it watery but seemed to be 'sunken' a bit more than her other eye. We simply dismissed this as it was late at night, and she didn't seem to have anything wrong with her in the morning or afternoon. However I went to check this morning and discovered one side is significantly more swollen than her other, and some slight liquid-substance near the bottom of the swollen eye. I'm beginning to get worried about this, and I've checked some other threads with similar symptoms but it seems quite obscure.


Here are pictures for comparison:

Swollen Left Eye


Normal Right Eye


(Please excuse me if I did some formatting stuff wrong, not sure how to make these large pictures smaller)

I have no idea what this is, but generally any past problems this chicken has had, she's managed to pull through by herself. As always, I am very worried for her health and any insight into what this is, and how to treat it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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It may be a type of infection.

Does she show symptoms of any other kind? Slow movement, lack of eating/drinking, watery nose, etc?

I do not think this is life threatening if so, but it should be cured.

@Eggcessive "Terramycin eye ointment is a good eye infection treatment to keep around when you have chickens.  It is available at farm stores.  Erythromycin ointment is the same thing, and may be around the house already.  Your chicken may be getting a respiratory disease which sometimes starts with eye symptoms.  Look up "CRD" in the google search above right, and you will find much info."

Hope this helps! Good luck on her, I hope she is able to make it through this like all the other times.

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There doesn't seem to be any other symptoms, she seems to walk fine eat fine and drink fine. Doesn't seem to be a watery nose, the only difference is that she sounds slightly different (as if she has a sore throat in a way) but I don't think this would relate to her swollen eye? I will try to pick up some terramycin but I will also keep this updated in case anything else comes up. Thanks for the reply though!

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No problem! As I scan through this section of topics, I see a lot of unanswered threads that deserve answers. I wish to attempt to make that not happen, haha.

It may be related to her sore throat. The nose, eyes, and throat are all connected - if there is a eye/nose/throat infection, any of the three could be infected. As a common example, a cold in people. We get sore throats, scratchy or watery eyes, and stuffed noses when we have infections in them. It can spread to any of those three things, and her nose could be next.

Also yes, keep us updated! Or me, for that matter. I'd love to see if she improves or not. I've never dealt with an infected eye in my chickens before, but I've researched.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help, I haven't done anything yet but I already feel a bit more relieved. I'll see what I can do :)

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Just an update.. but it seems like she's getting a bit lethargic. She's eating but she's doing it very slowly, her movements look a bit sluggish too. Quite worried now :(


Edit: Noticing more of the bubbly residue in the corner of its eyes, probably related somehow.

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You must get the treatment ASAP. The infection could lead to respiratory issues and cause her to die. This could become a very deadly situation. These new symptoms indicate that the infection is getting into her system. It may be too late, I'm not sure.

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I have a very old Brahma hen who is prone to sinus infections. A couple weeks ago, she had a doozy. He eye was leaking pus and swollen shut. She has a tumor over her right eye and between the decreased vision in that eye, and the total loss of vision in the infected eye, she couldn't see to eat or drink.


I started her immediately on antibiotics. I had some leftover eye drops from cataract surgery a year ago, and I gave her drops twice a day of the antibiotic and the steroid drops, which helped the swelling. She fully recovered within a week and is fine now. She's seven and the tumor is benign, by the way.


I believe your hen has some kind of infection, exactly what isn't that important to know. You need to get her on a full round of antibiotics and an antibiotic eye ointment. If you know anyone who's had cataract surgery, they probably have steroid drops going to waste in their medicine cabinet.

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Well, the swelling seems to have calmed down significantly. She seems generally active again but the liquid near her eyes are still there. There aren't many vets here and apparently they don't tend to chickens for some strange reason. There is one, but its infamous for unnecessary surgeries and has an overall poor reputation. Thankfully she seems to be getting better by herself.

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