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Guinea fowl - splayed legs?

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Does anyone know how to correct splay leg in a guinea that is two months old? Got her today in a flock of 7, I was supposed to get six but breeder threw her in because he didn't have any use for her. The picture shows her on my bed after I gave her a warm bath and wrapped her in a towel; her front was caked with mud and feces from not being able to get off the ground.

Both sides are like this. She can move around but she cannot hop or take off flying like her siblings. She is so gentle and kind, I would hate to put her down if there is any chance at all of correcting this issue or just catering to her disability to give her a good life.
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You can't correct splayed legs in a guinea that age. She could have a leg bone deformity or a vitamin deficiency instead. I would try some poultry vitamins in her water every day, and try placing her in a chicken sling to get her up off the ground. Here are some examples:



LL TurkeySlingShade.jpg

LL      LL

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