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Hen with swollen abdomen

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I have a hen with a swollen abdomen she also has a very full crop , I have felt inside but can't feel any egg ,last night I syringed some water in her crop and massaged it until it was fairly empty leaving her with no food just some water with electrolytes in ,this morning it is back very full her tummy is warm and swollen and she is standing up I have put a warm water bottle under her and a towel to try and rest her poop is a little watery and green colour I'm thinking egg peritonitis ,I love this little girl she's a white pollish called pom-pom I'm fearing the worst any help from you guys would be great ,thanks Jools
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How old is she? Does she still lay eggs? Many times hens with egg peritonitis or internal laying can have a swollen lower abdomen, have lost weight in the breast area, have  trouble walking or a penguin stance, have loose droppings, and stop laying. Not much can be done except treating with antibiotics, and if there is fluid collecting in the abdomen (ascites,) then sometimes removing some of the fluid periodically with an 18 gauge needle to relieve pressure, can help ease breathing and reduce pain. Here is some reading:

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Thanks for info ,she approx 1 yr old she was given to me by an old chap who had neglected them ,she raised a clutch of 9 eggs 5 months ago and had been laying fine afterwards we don't have many chicken vets locally in England but I've found one 30 mile away so taking her tomorrow this is the second week now her crop is working ok now but she won't roost or lye down she is panting a lot ,but I do have her in a basket in the house so maybe she is just warm ,she's drinking fluids and eating small amounts of scrambled egg ,her abdomen is still quite swollen and her poop is watery and greenish she's not comfortable walking at all ,I really hope I don't loose her she's lovely many thanks Jools
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If her abdomen is quite tight as in the 3rd link above showing ascites, then removing some fluid with a large needle may relieve her breathing. It can be quite upsetting to watch one suffer with these illnesses, especially since there is so little that we can do.

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