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My chickens are super sensitive normally with out being attacked 1 thing can set them off adn they wont lay for a week. Now with the change of season out of 5 we get 1 egg. So I am going to put hte light on again (just for day light time). But having said that they were all attacked yesterday by a dog and I would not expect an egg out of any of them for a long while. They are really scared and would not come out or the chicken house today until I was there and I tried a few times. Then they were all back in quite quick. They are easily stressed. So I know how they are now and just live with buying eggs from our farmer until they want to play along again. I don't really know how many chickens I would need to have to get 4 eggs steadily every day. There always seems to be 1 that is feeling off or 2 then our egg production drops. It's the fun of learning about them and caring for them.

When we had six we were only getting about a dozen a week from them so they weren't laying that much anyway. Right now we are just going to watch them, baby them a bit and wait. Until we are buying eggs off a friend who has a large flock. :)