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Help me save a baby turkey!!!

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Hi all. 2 days ago I brought home a 2 month old turkey. She had 9 siblings and came to us looking a bit roughed up.
She has strong legs but doesn't stand up or walk around. She just lays down and she does sleep quite a bit. I have not seen Her eat and she has drank very little. We bought nurtadrench for her and we are hoping that will help give her some extra electrolytes and vitamins she needs. We have been giving that to her along with water in a dropper.


Her poop is liquidy and green

Is this a serious illness or do we think she might be depressed being away from other turkeys? (She will be in with our other turkey once she gets her strength back)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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She may be malnourished. In that case trying to get going with the nutradrench is a good idea. A bit of caffeinated tea or coffee may also help her out a bit. It should perk her up a bit and she might be more willing to eat. This isn't guaranteed, but I've gotten it to work before.

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I'm happy to report that she is doing much better! She is eating on her own and standing up too! Her droppings are normal now as well smile.png
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That's good to hear. Sometimes they have a rough start, that was probably all it was. Good luck with the turkeys.

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