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5 week old sex link pooping blood!

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I am afraid my Five week old sex link has coccidiosis.  I got her about three weeks ago, she has been fed medicated starter feed, and has been outside once. I have her and four other chicks, that are the same age, different breeds, in a brooder in the house.  I called all the local pet supply stores and asked about Corid, but none carry it.  The only store in a thirty mile radius is closed on the weekends.  So, I have questions. 


1) Should I separate her from the other chicks?  Today was the first day I noticed any blood at all, and there was two spots of it.  If I separate her,will she be okay by herself in a smaller box?  


2)  Since getting Corid is going to be either a day trip, or ordering it online, how pertinent is it that she gets it immediately?  Should I spring for next day shipping, or take a half day off work and go tomorrow? Or will a Monday arrival suffice? 


Thank you all in advance for your advice.

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I just finished dealing with this with my chicks, it's good that you noticed and are ready to help them!

You don't need to separate her, she'll be happier with the others. Besides, you need to treat them all with Corid (it goes in their water) because the others could have it as well and it won't hurt them at all to have the medication. If you can get it tomorrow that would be best, don't wait! Cocci can kill your chicks quickly so you need to get the medicine to them fast. Do two teaspoons per gallon of water for 5-7 days and then 1/2 teaspoon per gallon for 1-2 weeks. Mix it fresh each day and use this medicated water as their only water source.
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I should add that the dosage I have was for liquid Corid, if you end up with powder then use this dosage:

20% powder = 1.5 teaspoons per gallon for 5 days, then 1/3 teaspoon per gallon for 1-2 weeks.

Also, if your chick isn't drinking I believe you can mix a little of the medicated water with food and see if she'll eat that or try giving her water with a dropper (may be good to pick one up at the feed store if they have one). Others may have better advice on what to do if you're having troubles getting the medicine in her, mine were still drinking normally...
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