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Story of Meeko

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Hey everyone!

I felt it was necessary to share a story of my favorite hen, Meeko.


We got her back in either late 2012 or early 2013. We hatched her along with 5 other chicks. She turned out to be a Speckled Sussex Cochin mix, and came out beautiful in the process.

Her siblings are Poofy Jr; our Cochin Rooster, Comet; our Cochin hen, Bandit; our Wyandotte Cochin mix, Susie; our Buff Brahma Cochin mix, and Speckles; our Wyandotte Cochin mix.

They are all the same age, except Susie, my first favorite baby-girl passed this summer due to Coccidiosis. Anyways, Meeko was the first to hatch of the six and was alone for the first day or two. She peeped excessively because she had no friends! She was a loner for sure, and loved it when you put your hand down towards her. She would run to it - thinking it's her friend or something. The cutest, definitely.

Since we can't be down with the chicks 24/7, we ended up putting one of my wolf stuffed animals down with her. Oh how she enjoyed it so much! She cuddled up to it, stood on top of it. It was her best friend ever.

Next came Bandit and Speckles, then soon after Poofy and Susie. Comet was the last to hatch, but they all merged eventually into one big chick flock of cuteness!

(Comet wasn't hatched yet in this image)

But here she is!

We decided to keep the stuffed animal in with them. They somewhat enjoyed climbing all over it and whatnot.


Soon enough, Meeko grew up (I have no pictures of her other childhood life really).

As she grew, I noticed her crop was unusually large compared to the rest and never shrunk down. Currently, to this day, she either has Pendulous crop or Impacted crop. We don't really know what to do for her, but it happened to her mother (The Speckled Suessex) as well. She died fairly quick - lived a year and died. Meeko, however, has lived 2-3 years with it.

A common thing I noticed with both though it that on the perch at night, outside randomly, or anywhere really, she does an odd neck thing and stands in an upright posture. Nothing comes up, and her droppings are 100% fine.

Her mother however had odd droppings and used to regurgitate clear liquids from her mouth after doing the neck thing that Meeko does.

I am hoping Meeko doesn't die right off. She is my absolute favorite and is extremely lovable. Anyone who came to my house and fed her or went outside with her would share the same experience. She loves being pet as well, actually - she lets you get close enough to pet her back and she doesn't run at all, unlike the rest.


Here are some pictures of her! (She was molting, that's why her back is bare in some images)

Hope you enjoyed this little story!

Love you Meeko!

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It's funny how one can love a chicken. I enjoyed your story and the obvious love you have for your babies. Your pictures are wonderful!

I'm not sure about impacted crop, but you may want to check on the diseases and injuries threads. I'm sure you will get some help there. :cd  

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Thank you! It is funny how one can love a chicken, ha ha. ;)


I also read about the different types of crop infections/diseases online. Not many questions under the Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries/Cures section are answered. It's unfortunate. I try my best, though. I'm going to look further into the treatment options for the type of crop defect she has.

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