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chicken broken leg

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my chicken broke it's leg last week. we have been caring for her. we didnt take her to the vet since i have some medical trainig myself, we soaked it in warm epson salt water then set it. she is healing well and in the pen with the rest of the chickens. they dont bother her. she rests when she wants and eats when she wants. no pecking order for her. my problem is that her leg is healing a bit turned in. so now she is tripping sometimes on her toes. she gets up on perches when she wants and down when she wants. she does seem to be doing much better. the swelling has gone down and her feet seem closer in size now. maybe i worry too much but has anyone else had a problem like this? i was gonna give her the time to heal the bone then just let her like with her foot like that, as long as she would  have a normalish life. i dont want to kill her if we done have to.

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I dont have any advice to offer. I currently have an 5 week old chick with a broken leg. Might be the thigh and I am not sure how to treat it. She got attacked by a dog yesterday.

I am interested to hear if you have any suggestions for me?

I am also thinking about culling but want to give her a chance, but not keep her alive  and suffering in pain.

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I'm in the same boat. I've never had to deal w/ this and am pretty clueless. I've got her in a sling, but is that the way to go? B/c mine, just like the OP, isn't being picked on. 


Would I be better to put her back in w/ her "sisters" so she'll have company? 



At a Complete Loss

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sylviecolin, as long as she is leading a fairly normal life I wouldn't worry about her. She will probably always trip herself, but as she gets more accustomed to her weird foot she should trip less. Chickens are incredibly talented creatures.


fairie, the best thing to do is try keeping the broken bone straight. It should heal up fairly quick. Especially since it's so young. It probably won't want to walk much, at least for a couple days, so keeping food and water close is a good idea.


devora, if her leg is healing well and the others won't bother her it should be ok to return her to the flock, but if you're worried about her being around the others it's perfectly ok to keep her separated until she's fully functional again.

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thanks. i am probably gonna name her wobbles. she was looking good this morning. she was hop hoping over this morning to get some oatmeal.

Farie; i agree because she is so young keeping her still she may have a good fighting chance. keep us posted and good luck.

Devora, i put mine back with the others becasue i knew her stress levels would be better with them seeing inside she would have to be in our living room and we have 5 kids 2 dogs....i also spend the majority of my time with them so i watch. the first 4 days she could get up on her perch but not down, and moving was hard. so each morning early i would go out and take her out of the coop and put her on some dry hay close to food and water but off to the side. we were giving her warm epsion salt baths every 2 days and changing the wrap on her leg at the same time. now she is no more baths, just changing the wrap on her leg.

good luck

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Thanks for the support.
Our chick is still with us(sitting on my lap now happily chirping) 4 days later. I am sure he/she will make it.

The chick has managed to keep its leg straight on its own. I am guessing the bone might not even be broke. The dog bit it on the thigh and I think it was bruised.

My vet friend could not find a broken bone but? The foot is warmish and pink. The chick is eating, drinking and hoping (on1foot).

Here are a few photos. I put a diss infecting cream on the wounds2x a day. The peroxide I originally used was a bad choice, it dried the skin terribly.
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i didnt get to see the photos of your chick... but i do know that hot and pink usually mean truma. my chickens foot is still hot and the pink is going away. maybe like some kind of bruise, it may be just healing on its own. but as she grows she will get stronger and you'll have a happy chick. glad you kept her alive.

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HI, I could not figure out how to post photos from my phone, i gave up.

The chick is outside in a small run that we had set up for them when they were born. She/He it is hopping around and trying to use the other foot too. I think it still hurts. I will bring it back in for the night. I am still concerned that the brothers/sisters might peck at it. But tomorrow or the next day I will put it back with the rest of it's family. I am glad I kept it alive too. Made it thru with another learning experience. Ahh life with chickens. Just saw one of the others has a distended crop...more fun at every turn.:weee

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