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Help! I live in Perth WA

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I've been searching everywhere for button/king quail fertile eggs for my incubator.
Locally I can't find any sad.png
Can anybody help me ?
Thank you
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Move to Denmark ;) Don't have any right now, but by the time you get here, I suspect I will :D 

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Yea no I'm not moving lol.
Locally is Perth. WA
Thought ppl could see the heading. smile.png
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I saw it after I posted ;)

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I live in Sydney. I have a pair of button quail, so I'm getting roughly two eggs every three days, maybe slightly less than that. I'm happy to send out some eggs if you just cover postage?? Obviously because I only have the one pair there won't be many I can send out because they won't lay many within 10 days, but if you can't find anything else may as well I suppose.

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I think she lives in Perth Washington state USA? or is that wrong?

Button eggs can be found on ebay and some adult birds as well on Craigslist. We have a group on Facebook, ButtonQuail, and have several members in Washington state. Good luck!

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Oh ok I thought she meant Perth, Western Australia. Bit further away then I thought haha.
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If you are in Australia, theres someone in willagee selling king quail chicks on gumtree. Maybe hit them up they may be willing to sell eggs too.

(I think you are Roxy who is getting coturnix eggs from me, sorry if its just a coincidence haha)
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It's going to be ruff getting eggs this time of year, everything is slowing down in WA. May have to wait until spring.

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You can ask these people if they have any.

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