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My TomTom is happy and has been raised on organic soy-free feed.  He is honestly my most beautiful rooster but my cochin is my coop manager and treats every chicken the best so Tom Tom needs to find his own farm and have his own hens.  Please consider letting TomTom have free range on your land before I have to succumb to drastic measures for this beautiful boy.    He is sweet in his own way... when I come out of the house he comes running to me and then walks beside me... he will hand feed and if you tell him "back back" he will step back and let you put your hand in his crate.  I won't let anyone take him to eat him.  I would rather take him to the vet and put him down humanely myself since I hatched him if I cannot find him a home (and I have been looking for some time now).  I thought i had a silkie that was infatuated with him.... until this morning when that silkie started crowing..... what a shocker.