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Yay that went well!

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Let out six new one and half month old hens (they could be two months old) out with the big girls 8-4 month olds and the new comers only got pecked maybe five times each. Now my free ranging flock is up to 23 hens yay. Now no more chickens lol if i can control myself.
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Chicken math is hard to control..    You may be held back only when facilities become filled to over capacity.   LOL   Is your flock mostly for egg production, and do you have roosters.    Roosters in your possession, and I will be answering your questions on how to best handle your newly hatched  baby chicks this coming spring. :lau


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Lol no roosters my two year old was attacked(he had no spurs and did not damage outside of a tiny scratch) by the only rooster we had so he went to the freezer. And we remodling the coop already so it would be super easy to get more hens, and they are all for egg laying its a very mixed flock lol. We have 3 leghorns, 2 delewares, 4 golden sexlinks, 1 black sexlink, 3 rhode island reds, 4 bar rocks, 2 buffs, 2silver laced wyandottes, 2 americanas. The new ones are the buff, wyandottes, and americanas. I am hoping my chicken obsession is satisfied for aleast a year lol.
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