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Injured Brahma Pullet

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1of my 3 Brahma pullets was missing from the "gang" when I went to put them to bed last evening. I found her with her head stuck through one of the chain link holes with a nickel to quarter size of her neck skin up by the base of her head missing. I brought her in, cleaned with warm water and baby soap. Then I put some new skin around the edge of the wound where it was still bleeding some, and bacitracin on the rest. I kept her inside in one of my cat carriers with a towel on the bottom to let her dry, and so the other chickens don't bully her, and hurt her more. She's my childrens favorite chicken because she's really the sweetest out of the bunch. She's low man on the totem pole, and is the smallest. After scaring the poop out of me I'm almost of the mind the other 4 chickens can go into the freezer and get more chickens than have my little Skye attacked. What else should I do to help her, and also could this be from trying to mate her, or dominance? It looks like someone almost took a cookie cutter to her. I didn't give her any food or water when I put her in the carrier, but did this morning. I only gave her a little to start. I can easily give her more later. Please give me some advice on this. It's the first injury I've ever seen on 1 of my Brahmas.
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Can you post a picture of the wound? There's a product called Blu-Kote that will help it heal and hide the red of the wound so other chickens won't be attracted to it. 

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I tried posting pics of my 3 girls yesterday and couldn't figure it out from my phone which is where the pics are. The wound looks like the skin was completely pulled off, but the muscles underneath is fine. No injury to it. I didn't cut the feathers back because I was planning to just put her back out until I was talking with my husband and showed him the wound and we agreed to keep her inside where she won't be picked on. I'll try again to post some pics.
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Ok hopefully this will work. This is what it looks like this morning. She's in my bathroom where it's nice and warm. We were afraid of her going into shock from the wound, and my "bathing" her. Plus i don't know how my indoor cats would take to a bird invading their territory. So she gets locked in the bathroom.
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If she's eating and drinking well, you could probably apply Blu Kote and put her back in with the flock. The longer she is separated, the more they will bully her on reintroduction. Just keep an eye out for infection.
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Poor girl is already bottom of the totem pole. What could have caused this? 1 of the boys, or my dominant girl? I know my dominant boy is trying to mate with all 3 girls, and only 1 is old enough to lay. She just started 7 days ago. I've gotten 6 eggs from her. The other 2 are about a month younger than my oldest girl, and 2 boys. If the boys don't behave they're going to be going into the freezer big enough or not. I'm going to get about 10 pullet Naked Neck chicks next year so I know it will help some.
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You mentioned her head being stuck through the chain link fence. Could she have scraped it open in the fence trying to free herself?

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Originally Posted by Hholly View Post

You mentioned her head being stuck through the chain link fence. Could she have scraped it open in the fence trying to free herself?


Exactly.  The chances of another bird causing the wound and then the poor bird getting her head stuck in a fence is a billion to one.  The struggle with the fence must have caused it.

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When i got her out she came out easy. It's a regular chain link fence. We fenced in our backyard years ago for our dogs. So it's not a chicken wire fence. I didn't see any feathers or skin attached to the fence where she was. If I had I would have gotten it out along with her. She was almost behind the pine tree back there. I think I'm going to let her be the oldest girl with the chicks i get this spring. She's just so much sweeter than the others. Plus i think she's prettier. I'm kinda partial to her.
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