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I coated her wound with the blu kote. Took her back out to the yard with the others and in less than 2 minutes she came haulin butt at me with the dominant voy hot on her heals. I had to pick him up and off of her. He ripped her neck even more. So I'm thinking the boys are going into the freezer because of the way they're treating her and the other young pullet. I will not have that kind of aggression in my flock. So she's back inside the house. With more blu kote on her poor abused neck. The first boy will be dispatched tonight. I hate to have to cull him yet but i can't have them hurting the girls. Maybe if he's gone they'll calm down.
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Sounds like a good plan.
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It's rotten but I have to protect the girls. Skye has a possible lavender gene so she has to be protected to see if she really does. Maybe I'll have to cull both boys and get a new cockerel next year. Might try a Buff or a Light. I have Darks now.
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If they are mean enough to wound the hens it's better to cull them for sure.

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I wanted to grow them out some more, and then decide which one to keep, but I can't if they're going to be doing this to the smallest pullet. So until I cull the one and assess the attitudes of the other 1 boy, and 2 pullets she's staying inside.
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I am already seeing an improvement with my little girl Skye. Yesterday I let the other 4 chickens out of the coop and run into the backyard and put her in there by herself. She was doing great until my dominant cockerel came running up to the fence then she started shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. I left her by herself out there for a few hours then brought her back inside after setting up a much better area for her so she can move around some. She's eating and drinking a lot better than she was when I brought her in the other day. I think she likes the more gentle hhands on she's getting. Y 2 young boys can pet her, and even hand feed her without her getting fussy. My almost 2 yr old keeps trying to pull on her feathers and she doesn't really make a sound. She's even leaning into the scratches we give her. Her neck still looks ugly but does look like it's going to heal fine as long as the other chickens don't get the chance to tear her up again. I am going to have her as the older girl in my new flock next year. Yes I'm going to keep the other 2 girls also but I'm not going to let them mingle with the new ones and Skye until she's engrained into the new flock. Then I'll add 1 of the other 2 girls at a time. I'm also thinking about getting a totally new cockerel for the flock. I'm thinking either a light or buff brahma. She's a lover I'll tell you that. I don't think shehas a mean bone in her body. She's almost as big as my inside cats so they're not even getting close except to smell her, and my dog just wants to treat her like a baby. He knows she's mine because my scent is all over her. She's accepted the changes I've made in her life without any fuss, and my husband doesn't even mind her being in because she's not loud. She makes quiet churring noises but she's not making loud cackling noises. So she's going to stay nice and comfortable until she's healed and momma to the new babies next year after I get them. Today I'm going to let her out in the front yard and see if she can find any buggies, and toss out some black oil sunflower seeds for her. Yes I'll be out there with her because my outdoor cats probably won't understand a chicken in the front yard is ok. They're all mousers, and do catch birds. They just have never gone after my chickens.
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Glad to hear she's healing.:thumbsup

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Ok I processed the 2 cockerels and put Skye back outside with the 2 other girls. She kept trying to get back inside where I was lol. I made her stay outside even though I really wanted to bring her back inside. She did fine yesterday and last night. She's not being picked on as bad as she was with the 2 cockerels out there. Her neck is looking good so far. It has a thick scab under the blu-kote that the other girls aren't picking at. So she's going to be fine now. I am going to get more pullets, and another cockerel. Skye is eating and drinking well, and kinda around the other girls, but not too close. Guess she's kinda scared of having her neck torn up again.
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Glad to hear she's doing better. :thumbsup

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