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Small incubator

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I have just bought a small incubator that takes 7 eggs. The problem I have is that 6 eggs just fit in there, and it is impossible to turn them in any way. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did they resolve it. Thanks
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Hi, my advice to you is:  do you have access to a heat lamp, or can you get one?  You can hatch the one left by putting it under the lamp in a box or something, but watch the temperature.  I have hatched this way.  Put a cotton cover over the eggs as well.


It is always best to get larger than you will need, as eggs can be in different sizes.


I hope this helps.

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Sorry, me again.  As for not being able to turn them, take one out and put two under the lamp.  That way you will be able to turn the eggs.  Good Luck

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Which model incubator is it? Is it the brinsea mini advanced? If it is, you can take the auto-turner out and fit a lot more eggs, if you can hand turn.
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It's called the Mini Egg incubator. It doesn't have auto turning
I do have a heat lamp, because I already have some chicks, but what do I do about humidity ?
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How thick can I be? I don't suppose mother hen worries about humidity, yet I'm watching like a hawk with my larger incubator.
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Hi Nick16,


You are not thick.  Many of us think about humidity when we read the instructions.  So don't worry.


When I had mine under the heat lamp, with a cover over them.  The humidity was just right.  I only put a cotton cloth, but it works.


If you have a cold spell and the heating is not in the house all day,  pop the box into a plastic container and leave the lid sightly askew, the extra heat can get out, but you watch the humidity in the box.


Never think yourself as thick.  We all make mistakes.  You are being responsible for trying to find out a solution to your problem. :cool:

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