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my chicken is very sick she has diarreha she is spitting water from her mouth she is also bloating really bad and screeches in pain what should i do

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Is her crop large and squishy or hard? Or is her lower abdomen large and swollen? Does she spit fluid from her beak after you have squeezed her crop or if you have leaned her forward? Is the fluid sour or fowl smelling? Diarrhea can be caused by many things, including infections and from drinking large amounts of water. Can you give a few more bits of information about her age, and if she is hunched or puffed up? Have you wormed her or treated for coccidiosis? Is she eating or drinking?

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her crop has nothing in it her abdomen is large she pukes no matter what she is puffed up and only 7 months i wormed her and she doesnt eat  or drink

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Do you have a regular vet who would see her? She may have swallowed something that is blocking her digestive tract, or she could be suffering from egg yolk peritonitis, which is usually seen in older hens. Vomiting is not normal if the crop is empty, since that tends to be a symptom of sour crop. Is her vomit sour or bad smelling, or clear water? I don't have any further suggestions since she won't eat or drink, except to try to get her to take some water with vitamins and electrolytes (like SaveAChick) or consider tube feeding her for a few days. Liquids are more important than food at first.Here is a link about tube feeding:

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her eyes are now closed and she is breathing rapidly i have no vet that can see her

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i gave her electrolytes

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Thanks for trying to help she died overnight :he:hit

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So sorry for your loss. If you can bear to do a necropsy on her, you may be able to find out if she had worm blockage, egg peritonitis, gizzard blockage, or a liver abnormality. Your state vet could also perform one if you refrigerate the body.

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I am actually doing one with my husband now as we can see right now there is nothing except blood from her lungs we are about to open her stomache

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we are in her stomache found the reason for death first off we found out it was a boy second off its whole stomache is swollen and there is no bladder it was deformed

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