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Sick Hen

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Hi . I noticed one of my hens was not eating this morning. She is 20 weeks old.She went in a nest and seemed to be trying to lay but nothing. I noticed some fluid coming out. Could the egg be blocked. Is there anything I can do.Thanks for any Info

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Put on a rubber glove, and insert a finger 1-2 inches to feel for a stuck egg. Give her some time to pass it. She is probably fine, just trying to pass her first egg. If she seems in trouble, though, give her a calcium tablet or a Tums orally, or put an egg in a food processor (shell and all) and feed it to her. Calcium tablets dissolve in water well, and can be put in some yogurt. Placing an egg bound hen in a warm humid environment can help pass the egg.

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Thank you so much Eggcessive. I will keep that in mind. She passed the Egg about an hour ago. Thanks again.

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Thanks for the update, and congratulations on the egg.

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