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6 month old hen, eye problem

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Any idea what this can be?





Thanks !!

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It looks a little like the third eyelid which is white or opaque, but it looks thicker, so it could be pus. I would take a QTip and try to remove it, and flush the eye with saline or Vetericyn eye wash. Does she have any nasal mucus or sneezing? Has she been pecked around the eye? Respiratory diseases can cause eye infections from sinus involvement.

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thanks for responding!!!


no nothing like that about sneezing or other..


not sure about pecked around the eye 

my thinking was that may be she got bit by an insect .. there are wasps around  and now that the leaves are gone from the trees i saw a big wasp's nest on the tree right next to the coop


i have to wait for someone to hold her so i can try the Qtip

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On the top of the eyelid there looks like a possible peck mark, sting, or even a fowl pox scab. Those pus gobs can be a little hard to get out from what others say, and you may need to use tweezers or a manicure tool if the QTip doesn't help. Besides Vetericyn eye was or gel, Terramycin eye ointment can also be used to treat an eye infection, used twice a day in the eye.

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I had an Ameracauna with something similar.  Some kind of irritation caused mucus or "eye goop" to cake around the eyes.  I was horrified at first because I had no idea what it was.  I used a moistened q-tip to explore it, which is when I realized what it was.  It took about an hour and 1/4 box of q-tips to get it off.  She sat very still.  Maybe it felt good?  I dabbed it with a very wet q-tip, waited for it to soften, then used a dry one to slough off a layer. Repeat.  Changed q-tips a lot because I was worried about moving possible infection around.  Put some triple antibiotic on it that night and next morning.  She was fine after that.  I hope that's all it is with yours.  

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i just looked at her eye under a magnifier and that thing is like moving


i should try that q tip technique then

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i just looked at her eye under a magnifier and that thing is like moving

It's MOVING?  By Itself or with her blinking?  IWhen my Ameracauna blinked, the blob moved, which is part of how I realized what it was.  Try using a q-tip to kind of get a little bit of friction and try to get it out or off.  

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i try with q tip no luck .. moving when she blinks . so i did the saline

here is a much better picture -- i ll try again but if nothing i really going have to look for a vet to do


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I had to look twice to notice that she is upside down in the new picture, LOL. Yes, I think a sting or a peck is more probable with swelling. Swollen tissue can look a lot like pus, but if it is pus it needs to come out. Saline, Vetericyn eye wash or eye gel, Terramycin eye ointment,  from the feedstore--all are good to use twice a day.

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LOL...yes i have to put her upside down and hold her legs so she won't kick around ...


in reading this one article ... it says that lesion could be fowl pox... 


In any case most of Diseases... again "Treatment: No treatment is available."   it does irritates me

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