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Possible leg injury with pics

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I hope someone is able to help me with this. As the title states, I have a chicken with a possible leg injury. It seems to have happened overnight yesterday. When I went and let them out to roam this morning, she was limping out. I let it go after a quick look over and not noticing anything right away,but then it progressively got worse throughout the day.I seperately her inside. Now she is lethargic, labored breathing, stool is not normal. There was no obvious signs of predators and the coop is secure. I felt around her leg and I can't feel any breaks but I'm not an expert. Could it possibly be a bite or an infection?

Any help is appreciated and thank you.
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could it be a puncture? Kinda hard to tell from the photo. Is there heat or pus in the leg?

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Do you have any antibiotics on hand?  Aspirin may help with pain and inflammation.  1/2 of 325 mg tablet/day (1/4 tablet 2x/day)  There is also a medicine chart on here somewhere.  I think on homepage on the right hand side.

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It does feel a little warm. There's no puss that I can see, but touching the area causes her discomfort. I have human antibiotics but not animal. I do have some plain aspirin that I can give her. I'll follow the directions.

When you say puncture, do you mean her leg broke and punctured out?
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Well that would be a compound fracture. But I meant is it like she ran into some thing sharp 5hat punctured it? Some kind of antibiotic would probably help. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply about that. But maybe a warm compress might help.
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Thank you for the advice. It's possible. Maybe there is a stray nail or wire poking out that I haven't seen. Ill have to investige that tomorrow.
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How's she doing? I was also thinking the broken leg poking out, but a swollen puncture could explain it.  If it's a puncture, you should be able to see an entry point.  If you do, flush it with some warm water with an eye dropper or an oral medicine syringe, then put some antibiotic ointment in and around it.

Re antibiotics, frankly, I've been using up all the antibiotic odds and ends from the medicine cabinet.  We had some that caused a reaction leading to a different Rx, some prescribed for my daughter to take on a foreign trip in case of food poisoning, etc.  Look on the medicine lists to see if anything you have on hand would work.  I've been using Ciprofloxacin to good effect for non-respiratory infections.  For my regular size hens, I found that 1/4 tablet 2x/day was the dose that worked.  Used a pill cutter, and popped to the back of the mouth and they swallow it.  There are several antibiotics at farm supply stores, but I've found most of them are for respiratory infections.  I've begun purchasing some from online for the future.  You look for "fish biotics".  There's one that ships meds for free, although I can't find it right now.  It's a survival website.  Got to keep your fish healthy when the world ends, I guess.  You can also pop the aspirin in their mouth.  For something that can't be easily cut to size, or is in a capsule, you can dissolve it in water, then give them the correct amount with a one ml syringe.  For example, before I realized I could pop the tablets in the mouth, I would dissolve a 500 mg Cipro in 1 ml H2O, giving me 50 mg/ 0.1 ml.  So, if she needs 125 mg, I would give her 0.22 ml of the mixture.  Which was a relief, because that stuff tastes awful and she fought.

Found it:

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Sad to report that she passed away three days ago. She fought hard to survive, but it was just too much for her to overcome. Thank you all for your helpful advice. I'm sure it's what led her to live as long as she did.
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Aw sorry. :hugs Did you figure out what all was wrong with her?

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Thanks, unfortunately I wasn't able to. Next time I'll find a local vet who can work with them
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