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So I don't have medicated food can get tomorrow but they won't get any till wed night
And that will be four days of being sick.

Should I separate him from he othe turkey and chickens?...
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Fenbendazole will treat the cecal worm, but will not treat the protozoa that causes it. It can be treated, but the drug is banned for use in food animals, so one would have to consider that. The drug I use to treat blackhead is metronidazole, which you can buy online as Fish-Zole or in Petsmart it's called API General Cure.

It's also possible that it's coccidiosis. Has he lost weight?

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Nope he just started yesterday morning
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Also should I be giving that med to the whole flock oh chickens also ????
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Once I get this med how much do I give him and should I give to the female hen ???



Sorry I have so many ?'s but I am very new to this

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The first pic was Saturday looks great and feeling fine.

second pic is sunday and the third pic is his poop


He drank very little last night and I checked on him this am and he drank just a little bit


Still trying to get a hold of Meds

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Sorry! I don't know, still trying to get answers myself!

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Can you post a larger picture of his poop?



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This is all I can do till I get home later this afternoon to see if he pooped

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Kathy. What is corid . .
.how much do I GIve.
Where do I get it. .
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